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Dictionary of Terms

Eye Anatomy

The eye is a complex part of the human anatomy. This list will help you with the terminology. Learn about the retina, the cornea, and other parts of your eye, as well as basic descriptions of some common eye ailments such as retina disease.

The Eye

We are able to see by the light rays that are reflected off an object and through the eyeball. These light rays are focused upside-down on the retina where it is converted to electrical impulses and carried to the brain. The brain translates the image into its upright position.

Anterior chamber

Space in the front portion of the eye between the cornea and the iris and lens, which is filled with aqueous.


The clear fluid between the anterior chamber and posterior chamber that is produced by the ciliary body. Aqueous is important in controlling the pressure inside the eye and giving the front of the eye its shape.


The middle layer of the eye, located between the sclera and the retina. It contains several layers of blood vessels that provide crucial support to other parts of the eye. The choroid, along with the iris and ciliary body, are collectively known as the uvea. Inflammation in this area is known as uveitis.

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